Kitchen/Food Services Category

  Criteria in the kitchen/food category concern food preparation, service and sanitation. A facility must provide each resident with a nourishing, palatable, well-balanced diet that meets the daily nutritional and special dietary needs of each resident.
  1. The facility ensures that the food served is palatable, attractive and the proper temperature. (42CFR 483.35(d) (1) and (2) F 364 )
  2. Substitutes of similar nutritive value are offered to residents who refuse food served. (42CFR 483.35(d) (4) F 366 )
  3. The facility provides at least three meals daily, with no more than 14 hours between evening meals and breakfast, and provides snacks at bedtime. (42CFR 483.35(f) F 368 )
  4. The facility ensures adequate storage, preparation, distribution and sanitary service of food. (42CFR 483.35(h) (2) F 371 )

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